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safe1613655 edit122903 edited screencap59178 screencap210556 cozy glow6699 grogar1314 king sombra13123 lord tirek5131 queen chrysalis33346 centaur3045 changeling42858 changeling queen13803 pegasus256593 pony881289 unicorn284429 school raze2237 the beginning of the end2027 the crystal empire2688 the mean 61601 twilight's kingdom2852 antagonist1440 crown15108 female1284207 filly61485 foal15091 four horsemen of the apocalypse65 horseman of conquest6 horseman of death23 horseman of famine20 horseman of war24 jewelry55106 legion of doom282 male343071 regalia17649 stallion97566 text53452


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