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Demoted 4

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Always be prepared for guard inspections.

Demoted. fiction link
safe1727299 artist:skitter404 princess celestia95836 alicorn228550 earth pony256745 pony987563 unicorn332462 comic:demoted6 armor24085 bowtie10344 butt62232 clothes467307 comic110267 crossdressing9455 crown17484 eyes closed95622 facehoof1768 female1381678 floppy ears53236 helmet10985 hoof shoes5561 jewelry65717 magic74288 maid5938 male380277 male to female1014 mare491155 nervous5778 peytral3642 plot80501 regalia20576 royal guard7928 rule 6327162 salute1056 stallion112103 sweat26964 sweatdrops799 transformation10974 transgender transformation1707 trollestia792


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Pony of modern Tech
I know i already said this a long time ago… but this is why i am AVOIDING taking posistion as a royal guard. I'll stay in my Electronics Business in Ponyville.
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Silly thought, what if its not so much he doesn't remember, as its NOT where he LEFT it. And it was secretly removed by Celestia just for this to happen? XD
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Oh, these poor stallions. Hope it's not a permanent demotion…

The real question is how long is Zephyr Breeze going to remain a guard in Celestia's employ? And how good of a maid will he inevitably make?
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If sex change spells are that easy, then I guess Equestria doesn't have transgender ponies because you can get your sex swapped like snaps fingers that. Sounds pretty great if trans people don't have to deal with body dysmorphia.

I guess he can just head to a magic shop and fork up 5 bits to change him back. No harm done.