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Page 989 — Stone Screen

I realize that at least half of my gimmick is "That thing in the episode that was a random accident or mistake is now deliberate!" But… it's honestly a lot of fun to come up with a new plot that makes it all still flow.

Rainbow Dash: So… that's it, right? Time to charge him.
DM: Just a moment. During Rarity's… vigorous telling off, some of the cake shook off and stained Blueblood's suit. Blueblood reacts like he's been stabbed, stumbling back–
Rarity: Wait!
DM: I won't even make you roll Insight, then. Intentionally, Blueblood slams himself backwards into the base of a giant gold statue. It's a likeness of a storybook alicorn, complete with a long, sharp horn and broad wings, standing at about 15 feet in height. It tilts over and begins to topple onto the crowd.
Rainbow Dash: Aw maaaan… I have to catch that, don't I.
DM: Seems like someone probably should.
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