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Meet Star Striker :3

He is a teenage colt, who is a big fan of baseball
He became a fan of the sport at a young age. It helps that he also has a family history of being into sports (His father and mother both used to be part of an amateur baseball team). Currently stuck in high-school level baseball team called the Snakes, but he dreams of becoming a star player for the Major Leagues!

Striker is a very skilled batter, which makes him come across as pretty egotistical and smug, and he is kind of an attention hog.
He also has a permeant chipped tooth on his face. This happened as an accident as a kid, where another pony ended up throwing the ball at him too fast when he wasn't paying attention, which resulted in it hitting him in the face and causing him to chip his teeth.

He is also friend with Star Slugger, who he looks up to, and she has a big sister like relationship with him.
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