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I wish SEGA makes Sonic in Human style since the fans is hate Sonic Boom TV series because it's nonsense .
And i hope SEGA will make another Sonic games after Mania and Forces . Even MLP Movie , EG and FIM too….

Sonic the Hedgehog series belong to SEGA and Sonic Team
My Little Pony series belong to Hasbro
safe1616048 artist:trungtranhaitrung315 rainbow dash224083 sunset shimmer58923 tempest shadow16164 hedgehog417 jackal62 pegasus257424 pony883750 unicorn285391 equestria girls187624 broken horn13199 classic sonic66 crossover59303 equestria girls-ified8899 horn52134 infinite (character)79 logo3402 phantom ruby15 sega752 sonic the hedgehog2961 sonic the hedgehog (series)7264 video game4659


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