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Background Pony #0676
Flash Sentry: Man, I am too weak!
Flash Magnus: Naa. you are strong but you a long way to go if you want a chance to win again me!
Flash Sentry: Thanks but i am too weak!
Flash Magnus: Stop to say that, I see you lift this huge rock there and you call your self Weak? If you be real weak, you will not go help those are need it, like this poor girl who be victime of been laugh for her eyes up and down!
Flash Sentry: You mean Derpy? yeah, many make fun of her, she my cousine, but she see me more like a big brother she a never have,yes i protect her!
Flash Magnus: See this is true strengt, No mader how strong you are on your body, never forget of what you do for other,Ok?
Flash Sentry: Thanks Sir!
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Background Pony #A0BD
I don't like to objectify MLP/EqG characters, but I have to confess I'm having slightly NSFW thoughts about this Flash Magnus! I hate when I do exactly what I am against just because a girl or a boy attracts me.
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