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Commissioned by an Anon.

Quite honestly im okay with Spabby. Sparity is slowly sinking now n nU.
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Background Pony #8DB3
You make some good points. I would point out three things though.

First Gabby's close to Gilda in size, and while size doesn't determine age, Glida grew up along with Rainbow Dash who's an adult. Glida has her only life in her village and is implied to be a model of an adult griffin. At max Gabby has to be at the same age or slight younger than Glida. At minimum Gabby would at least fit into the student six age range (any younger wouldn't make sense given Gabby's size and freedoms). And while there's no straight answer to the S6's ages Sandbar gives us an idea age wise where they might be: older than teenage ponies (see teen AJ's built) but not yet adults.

Second there is no link between molting, cutie marks and human puberty. With cutie marks a pony can go their entire life without getting one and is it's tied to their magical being. And with nothing to prove molting = wings or the presence of any younger, smaller dragons like Spike you can't tie molting to an aging stage (like 13) and not something Spike experiences uniquely given the right circumstances (like dragon greed).

Third the age gap 12-13 between Spike and the mane 6 is waay too much. That would make Twilight a teenager when she met Spike and even older when her and Shining Armor played around with their brother sister completion. And why would Twilight need a babysitter at that age? Why does Spike need to make meals and take care of Twilight years later and why does Twilight need to be provided housing if she's at graduating age?

We may not have numbers, but we do have a good amount of relevant contextual information. We know Gabby being a supporting character for the crusaders means she was likely intended to be in the same generational area, though probably a couple years older given her responsibilities later. We can infer the crusaders are slightly older than spike as Applejack's parents are already out of the picture when she got her cutie mark. We know Spike is explicitly pre-pubescent until season 8. While not a perfect fit, both cutie marks and the first molt are general analogs to the start of puberty, and since the show generally follows human scaling it's not unreasonable to assume Spike and Gabby have an age gap probably measuring somewhere in the 2-3 year range, where Spike and Rarity's gap is likely in the 12-13 year range.

@Background Pony #5002
To play devil's advocate, the episode ended with Spike saying he'd always want his Rarity time. That said, to me spabby just feels so much healthier since it's a relationship between two individuals of roughly the same age who bonded over mutual interests. And unlike Rarity, Gabby never really got upset that Spike might be busy and even encouraged him to go do things, where Rarity just kinda breaks down. I'm not sure what the written intent was, but Spike and Rarity's relationship in this episode sure was a red flag to me regardless of the platonic vs romantic angle.
Background Pony #FCF7
@Background Pony #332C

What you talking about? For the first time ever Spike Blushed when, after making paces with Gabby, he asked her to hang around. During the enterity of this episode, Rarity was the last thing in Spike's mind. If that is not killing Sparity i dont know what is it.
Background Pony #133C
Can we just agree that both Rarity and Gabby want to be with Spike right now and Spike actually flirted with both of them with this episode ? I don't usually like harems but I am willing to like this one.
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Poopy Butthole Expert
Come on guys, accept it, Sparity was just a "kid's summer love", and Spike has grown up to the point that his crush on Rarity has been replaced with the joy of being with somebody of his own age and interest (Mail sending bussiness).
I totally endorse this ship, despite being a Sparity fan myself.
Background Pony #36D3
I swear, this ship will cause of lot of people to leave the fandom before the final episode airs.

@Background Pony #FDA1
Never said Spike was a baby. Re-read everything I put down. He was called a baby dragon multiple times throughout the show not just that one time. Also said he wasn't a child. Already said multiple times "I place him as a teenager," or are you just angry or something XD XD
Also going way too far on the "Spike has no right to love, earned status, money, property, equal respect, or the right to forge his own because of a perceived baby status from a plot that’s not been enforced in nine seasons is ridiculous to me" like who the fuck said that ahahaha
I literally said that I prefer him with Gabby and actually like it that way. Next time read everything before replying.
Background Pony #8DB3
Smolder was called a baby dragon; is she treated like a child character like the CMCs? Actually baby is younger so not even child but infant status. Do people really see Spike and Smolder at the same level as the Cake twins and Flurry Heart? This from a society that admitted they know nothing about dragons?

Spike was called that once during the plot and it was never brought up again. Why should that one thing getting overly focused and not Spike also calls Twilight sister in season one (which places them in the same generation and disproves a mother/son relationship) or Spike referring to teenage dragons as more his dynamic in season two (a clear placement at a different stage of life).

"I don’t see how having friends over the cmc age means he’s an adult"
^ I'm just saying he's older and it's context clues. There's a lot of them and none supporting Spike being in the same position in life as a filly pony character. You don't have a child watch over, feed, bath and serve adults; you don't have a child write official letters, mic host a show, DJ, or stand in for a princess; you don't have a child not have a single friend his age and sort of date someone who holds a job.

We don't know Spike's age and he's not at the mane 6 range but the claim that Spike has no right to love, earned status, money, property, equal respect, or the right to forge his own because of a perceived baby status from a plot that's not been enforced in nine seasons is ridiculous to me.