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suggestive (120350) alternate version (28379) artist:twistedscarlett60 (946) twilight sparkle (272707) alicorn (179875) anthro (214570) absolute cleavage (2526) armpits (38826) blushing (164978) breasts (220986) cleavage (29014) clothes (382982) explicit source (4655) female (828597) lip bite (9773) looking at you (131810) mare (376418) one-piece swimsuit (3512) shoulder fluff (1285) solo (926747) solo female (161444) swimsuit (22873) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109217) wet (6561)


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hmm… I dunno, this one seems like a step down in quality from what scarlet has put out lately. the sidemouth in particular is kinda offputting.