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safe1724312 screencap224165 apple bloom50127 scootaloo51541 sweetie belle49338 earth pony255551 pegasus298732 pony984625 unicorn331176 growing up is hard to do1441 adorabloom2867 cropped49749 cute202481 cutealoo2914 cutie mark48344 cutie mark crusaders19150 diasweetes2954 excited3011 eyes closed95385 female1378893 happy31633 hug28647 mare489625 older27199 older apple bloom2165 older cmc463 older scootaloo2090 older sweetie belle2406 open mouth149378 smiling253569 the cmc's cutie marks4766 trio9401


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Background Pony #BC6B
Sweetie Belle, you have no idea how badly I want to cuddle you right now!
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