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I know it looks kinda ridiculous. Cannon is almost aimed at her head like she wants to commit suicide or something.

Obviosly original version makes more sense. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I wanted to add some confetti but couldn't find the right .png and was too lazy to draw one myself, welp. :/
suggestive142863 artist:kirinit72 pinkie pie216099 earth pony248278 pony966399 blue background5098 colored pupils9703 cute199583 diapinkes9874 female1361901 mare479928 one eye closed30656 party cannon1758 ponk1055 simple background392957 solo1063252 strategically covered2925 tongue out103809 underhoof52036 upside down5553 wink24706


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