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safe1656959 artist:red4567894 applejack165816 fluttershy207380 granny smith5231 pinkie pie211355 rainbow dash228302 rarity177424 spike77201 starlight glimmer47158 twilight sparkle293951 alicorn214880 dragon53407 pony921272 comic:i must regress20 3d71552 adult2399 adult spike944 age progression617 age regression1378 baby10147 comic105755 female1320170 filly63819 foal15186 fountain of aging8 fountain of youth10 giant spike29 horn59019 mane six31117 older25398 older spike4973 source filmmaker43787 spikezilla496 temple343 tongue out98968 too big98 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120977 winged spike8129 winged spikezilla52 young granny smith668 younger16749


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