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Gallus: Silverstream, why is there an Ocellus attached to your tail.

Smolder: I was baking and somecreature sneezed into one of the bowls which had some ingredients in it.

Silverstream: Sorry! I did say sorry. *pouts* But some of the sugary mix got on my tail. Then I felt something tugging on it later that day.

Yona: Silver was dragging Changeling around for a while. Didn’t even notice it

Ocellus: *noms*

Gallus: Well Ocellus weighs next to nothing, that’s not hard to believe. And she does have a thing for sugar.

Sandbar: *pales* So can I at least verify the cupcakes you did give us today used FRESH ingredients, not snot-covered stuff, right?

Silverstream: Of course

Sandbar: Thank Celestia…

Smolder: Except yours *smirks*
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Yes, some tail-related fanart of Silverstream! (seeing as how she gets no tail play in the show, unlike the Mane 6, the princesses, the CMC, Spike, Discord, Smolder, and Gallus) And tailbiting at that, that was always entertaining to see. And it's my second favorite of them that's biting her tail. And on top of that it's really adorable.
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But how could this turn her into a changeling? Hair is dead once it leaves the follicle and I don't see any way ocellus's bite could break skin, since silvy would notice that