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I wanted to make parents for Scene Chick and Emo Lad and I got to thinking, what kind of parents would name their kids that? Well…

So, meet their mum, Goth Lass. Hailing from, and still living in, Hooffield, she has, from a very young age, been gifted with the ability to communicate with ravens, hence her CM. She holds an occupation as a fashion designer, and yes, the ravens help with that. Quiet and reserved in nature, she seems rather mysterious, but under her cold exterior, she's a rather kind pony, just with some unconventional interests. Happily married to her husband, she would still consider herself bisexual. Age 42.
safe (1505532) artist:lightningbolt (782) derpibooru exclusive (22421) oc (569064) oc only (387191) oc:goth lass (5) earth pony (174059) pony (782367) .svg available (7121) bags under eyes (1511) choker (8091) clothes (383416) dyed mane (234) dyed tail (61) ear piercing (18860) earring (15845) eyeliner (809) eyeshadow (11717) female (830004) frown (20627) gem (4914) goth (1579) jewelry (44375) lidded eyes (22030) long sleeves (263) makeup (15841) mare (377312) mother (2074) piercing (31216) shirt (19013) simple background (317553) skirt (33658) solo (927538) svg (3068) transparent background (165528) transparent skirt (6) undershirt (274) vector (69534)


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A Clever Message
been gifted with the ability to communicate with ravens

Ah, so she's got friends involved in several conspiracies.