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When I saw a glimpse of "the Last Problem," As the finale Episode on Watchcartoonsonline, I had that very uncomfortable feeling to see the mane six and Spike age like that. I know that it’s the closing episode, but I prefer the ending of the end pt. 2 to be the finale because I like these forms better. So I made this picture.

Twilight walked over to see Spike crying and asked what was wrong, and he explained that he just watched the Last Problem and what he looked like in that episode, and felt sad that the series would end that way. This made Twilight Sparkle comfort Spike and she explained that that last episode had to come. Even the Cutie Mark crusaders were sad when they watched that final episode and didn’t like it either. Princess Luna, Celestia, and Cadence walked over to comfort them since they did reason that Hasbro had to make that episode and that it had to come.

Celestia: I’m sorry you watched that last episode, "the last problem". And we all feel the same way since we all know how difficult it is to see our TV show come to an end.

With a possible dialogue, I will be much appreciated.
safe (1444525)artist:conthauberger (74)apple bloom (44067)applejack (149385)fluttershy (185976)pinkie pie (190734)princess cadance (28409)princess celestia (84372)princess luna (88659)rainbow dash (205772)rarity (159244)scootaloo (46978)shining armor (20275)spike (69430)sweetie belle (44272)twilight sparkle (263389)alicorn (167238)dragon (39003)earth pony (153589)pegasus (193420)pony (712390)unicorn (209987)comforting (1032)crying (36253)cutie mark crusaders (16453)hurt/comfort (26)mane six (26885)sadness (120)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (103929)


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Calm down twilight maybe it was your dream of what you would look like as a true princess and 20 years in the future I bet when book that closed maybe ended your dream your awake now it’s okay twilight it was only a dream just think about what fun you can have now
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at least the fandom will keep living :p

Yep. Overwhelmingly I think fan content will just discard the bad elements and just continue like it always has. There will be plenty of fan content in the future that doesn’t take any of this stuff into account.
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Background Pony #72DA
To me the story within a story That an older Twilight
wa telling to Luster Dawn was the finale. Everything that happens
outside her story however… well keep the onions away from me please.
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The Last Problem, while heavy on the feels, is still a fantastic episode

That’s your opinion. My opinion is it is one of the worst finales I have ever seen, EVER. It on the same level as the Star Trek Enterprise finale, and I can’t quite decide which one is worse. (They share a lot of the same problems.)
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Twilight: Noticing Spike crying Spike? Spike, what’s wrong?

Rarity: What ever are your crying for, Spikey Wikey?

Spike: While Crying I just saw that finale episode, "The last Problem." And it showed us that it setted in several years later, and it made me feel sad to end that way.

Apple Bloom: We know, Spike! We watched it, too. And it wasn’t the type of Finale episode we expected.

Fluttershy: Oh, you poor things.
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