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safe1883298 screencap245030 apple bloom54601 scootaloo54047 shuffle step36 sweetie belle51856 teal shores16 earth pony323287 pegasus366320 pony1229725 unicorn403691 growing up is hard to do1493 bipedal41291 bipedal leaning2100 bow34438 chalkboard3161 cropped53612 cutie mark51734 cutie mark crusaders20270 desk3733 female1521656 hair bow19078 leaning4185 lidded eyes35844 mare568987 older31962 older apple bloom2612 older cmc540 older scootaloo2419 older sweetie belle2871 ponyville schoolhouse718 raised eyebrow7344 raised hoof55664 smiling303892 smirk14757 the cmc's cutie marks4871 trio focus81 underhoof58507


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