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The Mystical Maze

This massive fapping game will test your luck as you go from room to room and meet ponies in each of them.
Enjoy great storytelling and fapping instructions while you try to find a way out of this Mystical Maze.

I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to write a comment with your experience and feedback.
Also, I'd really appreciate it if you'd give the game a good rating. :)
safe (1501666) artist:morexis (7) artist:rariedash (457) princess luna (90858) anthro (213888) cover (2655) cover art (984) explicit source (4651) female (825793) game (3116) jerkoffinstruction (4) jerkoffinstructionwithpictures (3) joi (4) joip (4) poster (4568) solo (924909) text (44880) title card (586) webtease (3)


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #ABD3
How many characters are there in this? I keep encountering Limestone, Trixie, Miss Cheerilee, Aloe and Louts, and Pinkie Pie
Background Pony #358B
Could you try a slow build-up approach in the next game and go easy with all the edging and denying? I'm not a fan of how you are asked to edge even in the intro part.
Background Pony #358B
There are a few during the Luna intro part and Trixie that I am looking for.
Also I'm not sure yet, I failed my first try.
Artist -

@Background Pony #592C
Sorry, since this game includes more than 700 images, I can't give you a list with the sources.
However, you can find almost all of them on derpibooru by searching for "pony name, solo" and sorting by score.
If there are particular images you'd like to have, I could also send them to you directly if you tell me which ones. :)

How did you like the game?
Background Pony #358B
Can you provide a list of all the images you used in here? There are a few I'd like to add in my collection.