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I'm so proud to say that I've finished my first ever art commission. The request was for 2 OCs doing a noogie in a playful manner so that gave me a lot of creative liberty. I realized I rarely do frontal views so I decided to do it here, changing a few small things compared to how I used to do it, as well as putting in a few minor details such as improving the shine in the hair and how I draw ears from the front. I'd say the best parts of working on this was improving how I do eyes and getting to mess with more color schemes. I'm so satisfied with the result and even more so with how the person loved the work in the end!

I feel like drawing some Stellar Flare next…
safe1573798 artist:lunarcipher148 oc604013 changeling40030 unicorn265600 absurd resolution63929 blue changeling1495 blushing175579 caption19176 cracked horn78 cute177057 duo49267 duo male355 embarrassed10076 fangs22097 horn43050 image macro35665 long mane2878 looking up14081 male305028 noogie268 one eye closed25130 simple background345049 sitting54896 stallion92515 text50975 tongue out90358


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