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Page 641 - The Dream Job, Part 2
Any stories of players getting kidnapped? We’ve probably had that one before, but it bears repeating after so long, I think.
While you guys discuss that, if anyone needs me, I’ll be playing The Phantom Pain while fighting off a cold from hell; a hellcold, if you will.
DM: With Rarity, however, something entirely different happens…
Twilight Sparkle: What in the world…?
Rarity: Uh-oh. Not good!
Spike: Rarity! NOOO!
Pinkie Pie: I try to grab the monster! <roll>
Rarity: AHHH!
DM: It’s a smoke monster. Your dice are insufficient.
Pinkie Pie: …Wow, has it really been that long since Lost ended?
Rarity: Forget the smoke! Grab me!
Rainbow Dash: Sounds like a plan!
DM: Part of the mist takes solid form and swipes at Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow Dash: Hey!
Rarity: Are you alright?
Rainbow Dash: Nothing that rage can’t fix! C’mon! <roll>
DM: Unfortunately, Rarity poofs into another dimension just before you can reach her. Phew! You didn’t derail the prologue for once.
safe1864038 artist:amymebberson403 edit146814 applejack181099 fluttershy227908 pinkie pie229826 rainbow dash249679 rarity195128 spike84076 twilight sparkle320264 dragon64822 earth pony314378 pegasus357364 pony1208482 unicorn395051 comic:friendship is dragons1724 idw16839 spoiler:comic11474 spoiler:comic0856 basket3493 bedsheets1302 cloud34840 comic117820 dialogue73775 female1503449 flying43133 full moon3943 kidnapped887 looking up18904 male423625 mane seven7051 mane six33951 mare558512 moon26041 net358 night30066 nightmare1506 onomatopoeia5560 pillow20733 sonic rainboom1143 stars18236 text edit1257 unicorn twilight22322


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