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Please don't kill, I made a dark skin edit of Sirmasterdufel's awesome Rarity art.
suggestive (122141) artist:sirmasterdufel (773) edit (110418) editor:shiftyshades (26) rarity (164896) human (139359) equestria girls (172127) equestria girls series (26929) the other side (442) bbw (3660) big breasts (63729) breasts (225284) busty rarity (10378) chocolarity (79) chubby (12156) dark skin (3655) fat (18973) headphones (6421) huge breasts (29491) humanized (91913) large ass (11448) lying down (8793) rearity (3457) solo (936321) thick (3244) thighs (6869) thunder thighs (5896) unitard (90)


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I dated a dark-skinned girl with hips, thighs, and buttocks like that. She was nice enough to let me ride her, if you catch my drift…
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Keep your comments apropos the image. If you want to fight each other use PMs.

This isn't an "American" site. If dark skinned characters bothers you filter "dark skin" — we created that tag just for people like you who "aren't racists".
Background Pony #60AE
Chillax bropone, no one has to get anything. Different boats for different floats or however the saying goes right? Being light skin doesn't hurt anyone and being dark skin doesn't either. Sometimes things exist and it's fine:)

I don't get dark skinned Rarity… Twilight, maybe. Rainbow, probably. Pinkie, debatable but fine. But Rarity and Applejack have always confounded me why. Applejack is clearly a tanned country girl, and Rarity has never struck me as anything other than a fair skinned city girl. Neither of them really scream "I'm not white" and yet people seem to gravitate to making them black of all things. Like, Rarity I think could get away with being more Eastern, Asian or Arab. But, not dark chocolate black.

I just don't get it, if ya wanna label me racist fine. But let me remind you, the series was made in America, and other countries feature their casts as the predominant ethnicity far more often than we do. I dare you to take a look at Spanish series and tell me there's plenty of diversity in their casts :P