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Page 555 — Electric Stun Fun

Story Time! Any stories or insights into one-on-one confrontations in a tabletop game? (Pardon the brevity; having kind of a slow week.)

Twilight Sparkle: If things are wrapping up, we should probably write to Celestia to let her know what happened. Besides, I think I skipped a friendship letter or two…
Princess Luna: I’d… much rather she heard it from me. I’m the one who ran off, after all.
Spike: But hey, you learned a lot about friendship tonight! Making introductions, resolving misunderstandings, anticipating the whims of children…
Twilight Sparkle: Not sure that last one is a friendship thing, Spike.
Spike: You never know! …Heh. Yeah, you’re probably right.
Rainbow Dash: Uh, so, is no one gonna look for the Dash?
DM: Something glows under the hood of your opponent, and… <roll> Thaaat’s a crit. <roll>
Rainbow Dash: Oh, crap.
Rainbow Dash: For the love of Pete, HEEEELP!
Twilight Sparkle: Hmm. I wonder where Rainbow Dash is.
Princess Luna: Hahaha. Alright, let’s go lend a hoof.
safe1750050 artist:newbiespud1461 edit135855 edited screencap67193 screencap227235 nightmare moon17216 princess luna100776 rainbow dash238523 spike80497 twilight sparkle306063 alicorn232826 dragon58706 pegasus308991 pony1010101 unicorn342135 comic:friendship is dragons1632 luna eclipsed1589 candy7098 cloak4444 clothes475820 cloud32072 comic111453 costume28557 dialogue67948 dragon costume240 eyes closed98012 fake beard299 female1401514 flying39400 food72957 goggles14436 hat90305 laughing8292 looking up17131 magic75372 male387884 mare501993 night27343 onomatopoeia4573 quill2754 rearing5865 scared10758 screencap comic4701 scroll3478 shadowbolt dash402 shadowbolts1661 shadowbolts costume1185 sitting65571 star swirl the bearded costume340 stars16283 statue2402 telekinesis28715 thinking2003 unicorn twilight18685 wizard hat942


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