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A nice though futile attempt Rainbow Dash :D
safe1709634 screencap222637 pinkie pie216487 rainbow dash234280 rarity182143 equestria girls200912 equestria girls series33087 holidays unwrapped2085 saving pinkie's pie234 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14256 animated98783 annoyed5479 bowtie10166 female1365997 food70300 gif31133 holding3185 oh come on126 outdoors10766 plusplus285 rarity is not amused453 shield2173 sidewalk252 smug smile48 snow13803 snowball486 snowman579 throwing519 unamused16272 winter clothes59


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The Dark Pony

She probably didn't have to because Rule of Funny, just as she wasn't tired or shivering.

Otherwise… she probably wet her snow pants, which are thick enough that it wouldn't show on the snow. I'd find it hard to imagine she'd do that just for a sneak attack, but if she was willing to stand two days in the cold in itself, maybe she would, which further shows how daring and persistent she is. Maybe she even enjoyed the warmth that came from it…

But again, Rule of Funny is probably in effect here so it doesn't have to make any sense.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Rainbow Dash: [grunts, laughs] Sneak attack! Bet you weren't expecting this! [laughs]


(Rarity blocks ALL the snowballs thrown by Dashie)

AHA, betcha you weren't expecting THAT to happen from Diamond Lady, huh??!!!

Rainbow Dash: Aww, no fair! I spent two days as a snowman for that!

You spent TWO DAYS IN HERE??!! How the hell do you even go to the bathroom without anybody noticing??!!!
The Dark Pony

She must have been REALLY determined to do that sneak attack to stand TWO DAYS in the cold in an upright position without eating or sleeping, and presumably wetting herself as I doubt even she could hold it for two days straight.

If "rule of funny" wasn't the case here.