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The Dark Pony

Plus, more Rule of Funny: You'd think she'd be at the front lines of a snowball fight of this magnitude, she loudly announced her sneak attack, and if she was hiding in there for that long, it means the snowball fight was planned for quite some time, and yet Pinkie either forgot or was unaware of it.
The Dark Pony

You know, let's not apply real-world physics to this. It's pure Rule of Funny. She's not shivering, she's not looking as exhausted as she did staying up ONE NIGHT studying, she's energetic as ever, no one seemed to notice she was gone so long, and it really isn't like her to just stand still doing nothing for so long, whatever her endgame. Realistically boredom would've compelled her to leave before a need to pee even arose. I think she stayed dry.
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The Dark Pony

Eh, it's a moot point. Aside from the sheer absurdity of the situation itself even without that, few seem to consider this film canon or even acknowledge it.
Classic Master

Rarity: Two days?! You've been waiting inside that snowman for two days?!
Rainbow Dash: In hindsight, this probably wasn't my best idea. I haven't eaten, I'm unable to move my legs, I've developed hypothermia, my hands and face are frost bitten, and I had to relieve myself with my clothes on, so me and the snowman stink really bad. (Beat) Please call an ambulance. I am very certain I am dying.
The Dark Pony

How does she go to the bathroom for those two days? Or is it like The Cutie Map where somehow she doesn't have to for days, as an oversight by the writers? Or was she so determined to do the sneak attack that she thought it was worth wetting her snow pants for?