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Request for 3D4D. I hope you like them and be sure to let me know what you think! I ponified Timber Spruce and Adagio Dazzle from Equestria Girls and made them a couple. (Note: I did not want to make up cutie marks for them so I left their flanks intentionally blank).

I paired this shipping request with a Cheap Art Challenge (CAC). All of the supplies were purchased at my local Dollar Tree. I had been meaning to try out these supplies for a few months but didn't get around to it until now. My question was can an artist's skills overcome cheap art supplies to make good art? Of course, "good" is subjective, so I'm basing it off of my usual quality.

I feel that the picture did turn out decently despite the supplies. As far as the paper goes, I was really skeptical about it working for watercolor. It's like copy paper only a little thicker. The paper ended up buckling a lot but it flattened out easily enough. The watercolors were okay until I tried to mix them to make brown. I used the provided brush for the entire picture and it was horrible. You might be able to see it in the watercolor case. It definitely took way longer to use that than a higher quality brush but I wanted to keep the overall cost of the picture low. I also used watercolor pencils and they were surprisingly good. They worked really well for the outlines and on top of the paint to add shading.

Now how cheap is "cheap?" I only spent a few dollars on the supplies and I ended up using just a small portion of them. In fact, the paper is 4¢ a sheet, the pencils which I didn't even have to sharpen cost 17¢ each, and the paint which I used the most of was only 13¢ a color. AND I could still make many more pictures out of the supplies shown above. So basically I made art for pennies. It is definitely fridge worthy.

Supplies: Jot Watercolors, Paper Craft Watercolor Pencils on RealImages Paint and Marker Paper
Time: 3 hours
Cost: $3.00 USD


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