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safe2120041 artist:t72b1441 derpibooru exclusive38844 starlight glimmer58604 pony1548970 unicorn513366 g41934440 the cutie re-mark3484 alone477 alternate timeline3660 ashlands timeline255 bad end2743 barren267 butt219445 crying54146 female1746335 glimmer glutes2321 implied genocide299 post-apocalyptic802 s5 starlight2552 sad30687 sadlight glimmer264 solo1383364 sunset7466 the end is neigh102 wasteland1528


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Background Pony #2371
Twilight: “As a Princess of Equestria, it is my solemn duty to punish criminals. Especially those against Equestria and the laws regarding time travel. Starlight Glimmer, I hereby sentence you to exile, not just from Equestria, but from your own native timeline. This will be your Tartarus. Your prison. You will remain in this wasteland of your own creation, until your dying day. I wish things could have been different. That perhaps we could have been friends.”
Starlight: “I’m sorry. Please reconsider! I’ll change and be a better pony!”
Twilight: “You broke the laws against time travel Starlight, and that carries the harshest of punishments. In your quest for revenge you created numerous terrible timelines, caused untold death and suffering. Equestria no longer has the death penalty, but your punishment will be far worse than the gallows: your punishment will be to live with your guilt for the rest of your life, and long may it be. This trial is ended. I am going home.”
She turns and walks away back to the crystal table.
How it would’ve gone if this series were rated 15+ :P
Background Pony #0EB3
You want to go back.
You want to go back to the world you destroyed.
It was you who pushed everything to its edge.
It was you who led the world to its destruction.
But you cannot accept it.
You think you are above consequences.
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This user stinks
Poor Glimmy-Glam needs a hug. If only her critics/haters understood this isn’t what she intended.
It’s not that bad here. lol
The drivers are the only bad thing. Always go past the speed limit, and never dim their lights when they’re behind you at night.