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And so we meet our titular character.  
Everybody please get along. ^^
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safe1785002 artist:crydius155 apple bloom52092 scootaloo52415 sweetie belle50248 oc731872 oc:ardent (crydius)5 oc:eldritch26 oc:gamma47 android664 comic:ardent5 equestria girls211702 my little pony: the movie19695 biography37 blushing209854 bow30934 clothes488602 comic113505 falling2830 female1433633 glowing text16 hair bow16859 heart eyes17956 imminent death2614 imminent injury2 jacket13771 leather jacket3895 leather pants64 leather shoes19 looking at you181644 magical hetero spawn12 magical lesbian spawn13053 male399556 no pupils4361 offspring42044 pants15852 parent:oc:crydius27 parent:sci-twi193 parent:sunset shimmer1567 parent:tempest shadow2331 parents:canon x oc1846 parents:crydiusshadow22 parents:scitwishimmer148 scientific lesbian spawn37 shipping209466 smiling272395 wingding eyes24131


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