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Wait, it didn't short out from the water? Dang Micro Chips, when you build a robot you build it good O.o
safe1599151 screencap208645 applejack161172 brawly beats264 flash sentry12044 fluttershy201257 jvj-2460165 rainbow dash222311 ringo286 sandalwood1019 sci-twi22172 twilight sparkle285923 bird7167 robot7108 cheer you on260 equestria girls185070 equestria girls series29642 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12313 angry24648 animal3625 animated93399 backflip67 bicycle kick13 canterlot high2515 cheering748 drinking3116 flying35061 gif28508 glasses55807 ice chest2 kick675 magic67323 pom pom1099 ponied up4868 scitwilicorn543 smiling220848 soggy8 stands35 steam1665 table8424 telekinesis25104 throw20 toaster robot22 water bottle433 wet7314 wings83994


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Background Pony #4E86
Animation error, those two arm at the back reappear all of the sudden.
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