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Nope, I didn't forget about these two. I'm still a huge FlashShimmer fan even though it may not seem like that according to my recent submissions these days. I admit though, I'm not as big as a MLP/EqG fan as I used to be but that doesn't mean I've lost interest in this fandom altogether, I promise you that. At the same time, I'm obviously moving on to different fandoms in terms of art I submit. Regardless, I'll still draw Equestria Girls art when I come up with good ideas. And speaking of FlashShimmer, I feel so bad that I pretty much unintentionally gave up on my FieryFrost FlashShimmer AU. I guess I just lose inspiration sadly. Same can be said for FlashSunset Future.

Anyway, summer is almost over but I wanted to get in at least one more summer-themed drawing. I don't think Sunset's sun glasses turned out very well but I tried. I always thought that having wearing sunglasses like this looked cool so I wanted to try out drawing it. Geez, I'm so busy with work these days. I hate how it cuts into my free time so much. I'm glad I was able to find the time to draw, digitize and post this drawing.

P.S. It's really ironic but I'm actually looking forward to snow. I mean, I'm so tired of hot weather. lol

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