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Doodled Berry on stream today! Education requires extraordinarily gothic-gay fashion~
hi res is up for my $5 patreons: https://www.patreon.com/posts/29577457
safe1753972 artist:whisperfoot626 oc713404 oc only466195 oc:berry frost198 bat1802 anthro270126 armband886 belt5888 biology42 black hair501 blushing205128 book34619 bottomless14026 braces1346 bridge piercing38 butt freckles2023 cheek fluff5969 choker12991 clothes477014 dyed hair87 dyed mane357 dyed tail122 ear fluff31341 ear freckles351 ear piercing27889 earring22222 eyebrow piercing925 eyeliner1070 eyes closed98457 eyeshadow16639 featureless crotch7094 femboy9643 fingernails457 freckles30192 garter belt3804 gauges323 goth2300 gothic479 grin41168 hand9075 hoodie15011 jewelry68654 lip piercing1195 lipstick11681 makeup22903 male389041 nail polish8118 nails402 necklace20634 nwn1 owo263 partial nudity21431 piercing43229 pink hair1314 simple background410262 skull3123 smiling262138 socks68688 solo1096563 striped background67 striped socks21982 studded belt12 textbook40 thigh highs38268 uwu151 younger17797


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