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Let’s imagine this is what a preteen Big Mac looked like before he bulked up to teenage status. Yes, a short train of fillies included.
safe1900443 artist:shippingwarguy21 big macintosh30577 scootaloo54298 sweetie belle52134 earth pony330719 pegasus374410 pony1248016 unicorn411720 big macintosh gets all the fillies1 big macintosh is not amused43 blood27516 colt big macintosh145 female1537312 filly79682 floating heart4196 heart57252 heart eyes21265 horn105375 horn impalement874 hornboner356 male435422 nope604 nosebleed2584 one sided shipping181 poison joke876 scootamac97 shipping222574 spread wings69083 stallion138724 straight153517 sweetiemac184 thought bubble4169 unshorn fetlocks33292 wingboner8843 wingding eyes28193 wings158639 younger19384


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