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safe1750431 artist:papadragon691322 pinkie pie220148 rarity185580 spike80496 dragon58720 comic:spike's cyosa317 3d80326 comic111476 cyoa3240 female1401808 food72972 gem6201 licking20856 licking fingers135 male387995 older27796 older spike5511 restaurant703 salad379 shipping205652 source filmmaker48477 sparity6834 straight140318 teenage spike653 teenager4753 winged spike8551 wings123107


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I bet that this is the day they first met. witch is something they never did on the show, I mean I know time is wonky on this show but I would've loved if they had an ep where pinkie made up a holyday about the day they became friends