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Really enjoyed drawing this Dashie. commissioned by: twitter.com/ajnrules
safe1752941 artist:latecustomer324 rainbow dash238842 equestria girls207540 black dress468 breasts289186 busty rainbow dash8469 cleavage35693 clothes476711 commission73229 commissioner:ajnrules36 dress46130 eyes closed98341 female1403973 high res33050 little black dress243 microphone5336 rain6263 rainbow dash always dresses in style1664 singing6560 singing in the rain31 smiling261770 solo1095914 wet8427 wet clothes665 wet dress28


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Background Pony #393F
🎵When the sun shines we shine together told you I’d be here forever that I’d always be your friend sticking out and sticking out till the end🎵
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@Midday Sun  
As news articles on those believe to catch whatever virus that was going around when they likely saw a doctor or went to an urgent care clinic when they were loaded up on medication and sent home when hours later a family member saw their loved one dead when those hope rainbow dash was to sing in the rain while getting drenched in a tiny black dress.