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Meet the Codewords, Sunset Shimmer's new gaming collab group!

Sunset first met Nina over an Eris server, who invited her to record with her. Later on, Nina introduced Sunset to Joy and Trigger, and the four girls came together as a collab group, recording and streaming games ever since.

Joy Stick (Channel name: JoyOfGaming)

Aside from Sunset, Joy is the one most prone to rage. She's always trying to invent different "challenges" in the games the group play.

Nina Tendo (Channel name: NinaPower985 [often shortened to Np985])

The youngest of the group, and also the one with the loudest scream. Once thought to be the most innocent of the group, it has been made clear that's not the case…

Trigger Finger (Channel name: HappyTrig)

Trigger is the one that is always accused of hacking. She coined the group's name, although they're thinking of changing it.

Inspired by "Dem Salty Bois" (PatrckStatic, LordMinion777, Jpw03, Garuku Bluemoon)
safe1559448 artist:biggernate9136 derpibooru exclusive23948 edit114973 editor:biggernate9188 sunset shimmer56842 oc596368 oc:joy stick28 oc:nina tendo4 oc:trigger finger4 equestria girls177903 equestria girls series28110 beanie3206 clothes402814 converse4978 gamer sunset380 geode of empathy2400 hat75346 hoodie12036 inkscape1528 magical geodes6547 miniskirt4695 shimmercode70 shoes29580 shorts11922 skirt35121 sneakers4615 socks55968 sunset gamer347 super mario maker 26 text50055 twitch259 vector70666


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Background Pony #4DBA
Is Nina not actually being the most innocent a reference to how dark and edgy Nintendo can be? Such as the brutal and graphic deaths in the Smash Ultimate trailers? (E10 must be a pretty lax rating)