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Page 427 — How You Play the Game

Author: Lyntermas

Guest Author’s Note: "At some point, you have to look past the statistics, DCs and min-maxing and try to remember that, ultimately, the point of any game is to have fun.

Whether or not that kind of fun involves shooting a fireball at that rogue who tried to sneak away with your share of the treasure is entirely up to you."

Sweetie Belle: So, what are you guys doing?
Applejack: We’re collecting the rotten apple to feed the pigs. I kick one over to Applebloom.
Apple Bloom: We’re playing Apple-Soccer! Roll for Flank-Bump! roll 15!
GM: You manage to bump the apple in midair with your flank, sending it straight into the basket.
Applejack: Think fast, SB! I’m kicking one to you next!
Sweetie Belle: Oh! Um, roll to hit it into the basket. roll …4.
GM: You manage to hit the apple straight on with your forehead… where it gets stuck on your horn.
Sweetie Belle: …I go over to the basket and push the apple off of my horn. I guess.
Applejack: …Sweetie Belle, what’s wrong?
Sweetie Belle: I… I don’t think I’m really any good at D&D.
Apple Bloom: Oh, come on, one bad roll isn’t-
Sweetie Belle: No, it’s not just one bad roll! I was playing with my sister earlier, and I wanted to help around her. But I kept failing my Knowledge checks… and so I kept making things worse and worse. And then she started yelling, and… and… If I can’t get good rolls when it really matters, then what’s the point?
Applejack: GM, what did you-
GM: I wasn’t trying to sabotage anybody! Sweetie Belle meant well, and she did a good job roleplaying. It’s just that her actions backfired because of knowledge her character couldn’t have even known.
Applejack: …sigh Sweetie, let me tell you something: this game isn’t about how well you roll the dice.
Sweetie Belle: It’s not?
Apple Bloom: It’s not?!
Applejack: It’s about the choices you make. The GM may make challenges, but you are always the one who decides how to overcome them. I’ve seen players decide to do nothing because they were afraid they would fail, and believe me, that’s no way to have fun. But I’ve also seen people try the most daring, longshot plans ever and it worked better than anyone could’ve dreamed. Yes, risks are part of the game, but believe me, the rewards are worth it.
Sweetie Belle: …Can… Can I give Apple-Soccer another go?
Applejack: Sure thing, sugarcube.
safe1688887 artist:lyntermas6 artist:newbiespud1409 edit130427 edited screencap63968 screencap219999 apple bloom48985 applejack168412 fluttershy210827 pinkie pie214523 rainbow dash231990 rarity180188 sweetie belle48661 twilight sparkle298280 pony950554 unicorn315833 comic:friendship is dragons1578 angry26780 apple16015 bow28046 bucket2305 clothes453121 clothespin74 collaboration5242 comic107970 dialogue64466 female1346857 filly65425 flying37621 food68967 freckles28252 hair bow15232 happy30749 hat85407 horn64014 horn impalement670 jumping3300 mane six31663 mare472346 raised hoof44810 sad24300 screencap comic4506 smiling243358 sonic rainboom1078 unicorn twilight16863


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