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An alternative version of this art -, made as a late request for Derpibooru user ‘Just pony’ from the original one by switching Velvet’s place with Littlepip’s and vice versa.  
Damn, it turned out to be WAY more time consuming than it shoud have to… >:C It also probably kinda adds a bit of a comical effect since it’s Velvet who’s taking a shot of Littlepip’s ass and not Homage, heh.  
Still, I think It turned out at least okay in the end, what do you think?)
suggestive162163 artist:charlydasher81 oc787157 oc only583081 oc:calamity760 oc:littlepip4438 oc:velvet remedy1186 pegasus364604 pony1225325 unicorn401876 fallout equestria19325 3d92994 bedroom eyes67706 butt143000 buttcheeks194 cafe651 camera4393 camera shot1390 chair7836 cheerful93 collar38419 confused5368 cowboy hat20122 dark4841 dashite500 desperado hat19 ear piercing32465 earring25206 excited3356 fanfic10789 fanfic art16121 featureless crotch7680 female1517204 glowing horn23237 grin47960 happy35634 hat100828 hooves21281 horn101359 implied spanking157 indoors4539 jewelry81668 jukebox51 levitation13523 looking at you199329 looking back68091 looking back at you20020 looking over shoulder4277 magic81599 male428110 mare566693 on table354 paddle865 photographer19 piercing49257 pipbuck3852 pipbutt181 piplamity89 plot99899 presenting27535 raised tail18775 rear154 restaurant816 retro443 self spanking56 sex toy28518 sexy34751 shocked8199 showing off593 smack dat ass57 smiling302662 source filmmaker54831 spanking2977 spiked collar1375 spotlight1471 spread wings67020 stallion135043 stupid sexy littlepip11 surprised10507 table10509 tail51574 taking a photo71 telekinesis31744 we don't normally wear clothes971 wide eyes18212 wingboner8793 wings153137


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Just pony

Будет немного больно
I love this so much. Littlepip is so great. I love this art so much. Thank you very much. I love you. That’s a real gift for my soul. God bless you, CharlyDasher.