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Pinkie Pie is “pranking” all her friends and scaring them all to death! 🤣 To give her a taste of her own medicine, the friends plan a prank of their own…what could it be?

Webm version >>2129828


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official? this looks more one of those Doogy Doggy Play Doh or DCTC Car Toys animations

But Ponk isn't really the sort of person who would get a laugh out of a prank that doesn't make anyone laugh, is she? That's more of a Rainbow thing. I mean, I can imagine Ponk going along with a mean prank as long as Rainbow gets a kick out of it because then it made someone laugh, but this? Is just… weird.
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…I think someone at Hasbro just went around turning everyone's computers upside-down and shaking them and then gathered anything Pinkie-themed that fell out to post on Youtube once a week.

With twilight wondering what was in a mystery box when it was actually a jack in a box of lord tirek to make twilight jump when other goals were to make her leave a puddle behind when pinkie pie was dying of laughter.