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Uploaded by Background Pony #CC96
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safe (1462496)screencap (180831)queen chrysalis (30045)rarity (160658)spike (70091)changeling (34262)dragon (40491)unicorn (217165)the ending of the end (1609)spoiler:s09e24 (1106)spoiler:s09e25 (1277)duel (215)female (789247)fight (5281)fire (8967)fire blast (7)magic (59377)male (268281)mare (353340)ultimate chrysalis (179)winged spike (5938)

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Background Pony #882B
I’d say Spike and Rarity remains pretty platonic friendship or no hints at all.
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Background Pony #882B
This is the first time Spike actually fights against Queen Chrysalis in canon. Because the Guardian of Harmony toys have Spike to fight against Chrysalis before this episode long ago.
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@Background Pony #4E24
I still don’t understand why people don’t get what was happening with the Celestia and Chrysalis fight all these years later. Celestia didn’t expect her to be that strong so she held back some and got surprised when she started to lose. It just happened so fast she had no time to adjust. Even Chrysalis was shocked she won that one.

Also this isn’t stupid anyway even if you wanted to argue that Celestia was weaker than Chrysalis powered up on love. In this form she is sharing power between 2 other creatures so there is no way to know if she is as strong as she was before. Even if she was Spike had molted by this point clearly increasing his strength and Rarity we had almost never seen fight up till this point so we didn’t know how strong she was. Plus both of them only lasted a few seconds at best against her anyway until they combined their efforts.
Comments36 comments posted