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8 Seasons an Animated Movie a Spin off Franchise and Comics Novels and Books that are canon but may not be.
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Ban All Nazis
XDDDD who tagged this as "op is trying to start shit?"

this isn't a drama post in the slightest. it's supposed to be a silly pic where the whole series turns out to have been contained in the book Twilight was reading all the way back in season 1 episode 1. sorta a "st elsewhere's" ending sorta thing xD
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The prophecy assumed that she wouldn’t finish reading the book, so if she could have chosen to finish it she could have prevented it.
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It’s actually really sad if you think about it… if it was all just this book Twilight was reading, then… that means nothing in the show actually happened…
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If Twilight just finished the damn book instead of running off like a idiot when she heard about Nightmare Moon she could have avoided this whole mess. It's a freaking book of prophecies.
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Hasbro has little interest in pushing back the show to G3 standards. There a business. They want to make money. They dont care how old people are, they want there money.