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Nightmare Night is just around the corner.

Just like previous years, the adults are entrusted with the gruesome task of placing temporary spooky decorations onto
their homes whilst the children are excitedly putting finishing touches to their scary costumes they’ve so long prepared
for the night. Shop owners aren’t falling behind in the trend either and has loaded their stores with fresh new stocks.

Following the festivity, you made it a habit to buy candies from the grocery store a few blocks away and to somewhat decorate
the outside entrance of your home apartment just to prove the neighborhood kids that you weren’t just some dull, boring teen.

“Oh hey, you’re back early.” Sunset Shimmer remarked as she peeked her
head around the corner. “Good timing, I need your help with something.”

Dropping the several bags worth of candies and decorations onto the kitchen tabletop, you were just about
to ask her what’s wrong until you realized that she was wearing the Princess Bowsette outfit from last year.

“How do I look?” Sunset asked as she twirled around a few times in her outfit. “I was rummaging through
the closet when I found this costume again. I figured I’d give it a try again after all this time.”

You gave her a thumbs up without further hesitation but couldn’t help but ask the obvious question.

“Hm, why am I wearing this again, you ask?” She repeated your inquiry in which
you responded with a nod. She shrugged. “No particular reason, I just like it.”

You smiled wryly at that. That was the only answer you needed.

Note: Had to repost because i missed a crucial detail and had to delete the previous one. Sorry!
safe1616109 artist:dragonemperror2810112 sunset shimmer58927 human146545 equestria girls187635 bowsette121 breasts254373 clothes426186 cosplay27087 costume25934 crossed legs2915 crossover59303 female1286484 looking at you152653 new super mario bros. u deluxe27 simple background361366 sitting57519 smiling224608 solo1004029 super crown160 super mario bros.3648 video game crossover331 white background90368


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Background Pony #1E3B
actually a really good costume pic for her given her gamer girl characterization.
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