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safe1679813 screencap218919 blue october58 blueberry muffin58 cloverbelle48 cocoa caliente50 cotton cloudy445 emerald green117 golden grove48 green gem117 huckleberry370 lemon hearts2145 lily1940 lily valley1940 ocellus5173 twinkleshine2225 violet twirl153 changedling8087 changeling46143 earth pony238869 pegasus281631 pony942079 unicorn312281 2 4 6 greaaat1332 background pony10158 cheerleader ocellus120 cheerleader outfit968 clothes449988 cute195803 diaocelles1025 female1339092 filly64932 friendship student1648 male363701 mare467942 megaphone319 stallion105227 unnamed pony1823


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