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Two Hundred Years
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Parcly Taxel: This is what I was doing in those eight months. Nova Spark, a friend of mine, turned into a genie as her own wish. In between vectoring sessions I did so much mathematics they could fill an entire book.

Spindle: Parcly's memory stretches very deep. If she promises to grant a wish, no matter what comes her way, she will grant it.

SVG here. This is my side of an art trade with NovaSpark, and the name commemorates the Singapore Bicentennial.
safe (1502706) artist:parclytaxel (1095) oc (567287) oc only (385705) oc:nova spark (195) oc:parcly taxel (365) alicorn (179501) genie (1347) genie pony (248) monster pony (2382) original species (20290) pony (779893) tatzlpony (1136) unicorn (234004) ain't never had friends like us (263) albumin flask (220) .svg available (7109) absurd resolution (62671) alicorn oc (20060) art trade (1427) blushing (164752) comic (95545) eyes closed (73773) fangs (19555) female (827003) geniefied (89) glasses (50675) gradient background (9960) horn (32560) horn ring (4735) hug (23950) magic (61484) mare (375563) massage (869) monster mare (666) raised hoof (35258) rubbing (928) shaking (1218) smiling (197627) spread wings (44306) vector (69444) wings (61481)


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