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Jumping up on a trampoline, it was the only way to catch the pegasus cutie in the air and give quick pecks on the nose. And all Lunar Rainbow could do was blush and look confused as Pinkie was having too much fun.

safe2117363 artist:jonfawkes1630 pinkie pie249967 rainbow dash272807 oc916653 oc:lunar rainbow25 human234229 series:nightmare war378 g41926550 ahoge315 alternate universe12470 blue background9673 bowtie14234 clothes611375 corrupted3393 eyebrows21535 eyelashes25043 female1738975 gloves29077 gradient background22434 heart71858 human coloration6750 humanized116480 lesbian114711 long hair7580 pink hair2446 ship:pinkiedash3629 shipping245865 simple background569082 text85429


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Could someone please explain why the corrupted tag is here? Because this image is about as opposite of corruption as you can possibly get.