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The Second part of underwater exploration ^^ Cadence trying to explore some underwater fauna for better understanding of seapony life.
NSFW version you can find here: Patreon
Watch me here:
safe (1462454)artist:discordthege (212)princess cadance (28656)alicorn (170936)pony (727508)bubble (3973)butt (13821)clothes (367387)commission (42486)diving (241)dock (39237)female (789219)flank (972)horn (29096)manta ray (28)mare (353328)ocean (4642)rebreather (29)respirator (127)scenery (6555)scuba (128)small horn (95)solo (896874)swimsuit (21537)underhoof (42305)underwater (3991)


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #A54B
At this rate I’m going to have to make a "beautifully drawn underwater ponies" album/gallery. Your stuff and stasushka’s are too good.
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Background Pony #0A87
>The Second part
hopefully this one isn’t the last because these pictures are truly awesome.
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