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safe (1410731)screencap (170070)apple bloom (42716)dj pon-3 (26537)maud pie (10953)scootaloo (45879)silverstream (3960)starlight glimmer (37193)sweetie belle (43076)twilight sparkle (257060)vinyl scratch (30631)alicorn (159428)cutie mark crusaders (15829)earth pony (142889)female (744406)filly (49347)mare (326148)pegasus (182657)pickaxe (413)pony (676033)rock (3309)school of friendship (846)seapony (g4) (3167)theme song (301)twilight's castle (2766)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100066)unicorn (196606)


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With many things happening at once in the scene was the appearance of silver-stream as a sea pony. As vinyl scratch could be wondering what maud pie was to carve out of a rock when sweetie belle was to pin the blame on scootaloo and apple bloom for something.
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