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(Cover of Shadow of a Doubt by MayhemMoth)
safe1599598 artist:enigmadoodles75 king sombra12953 starlight glimmer45079 pony868596 unicorn278595 fanfic:shadow of a doubt4 abstract background12373 duo51632 fanfic10204 fanfic art13276 fanfic cover1170 female1272279 floppy ears47091 frown21667 looking back50882 male338222 mare432265 mask5727 missing accessory7569 muzzle410 prisoner662 rope10494 sitting56541 stallion95809 wip7492


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Sci-Twi Lover
Now, this is really a doubt for a fic!
Through a miraculous and cruel twist of fate, Sombra has survived death yet again. However, his many defeats have left him broken and near feral, and the Princesses see no option but to lock him away. Starlight Glimmer, seeing more than the rage and hate the others see, feels pity for the fallen king, and offers to take Sombra under her care to try and reform him.

She quickly finds out Sombra's more broken than anyone believes, and it's going to be a rocky road to redemption, but even the darkest shadows can take solace in the starlight.
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