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safe1599336 artist:natureshy65 artist:p0w3rporco34 fluttershy201273 bat pony43843 pony868419 animated93405 avalanche35 bat ponified2207 equestria: into the wild23 female1272085 flower23096 flutterbat6531 forest9175 gif28512 irl67716 meadow305 mountain4601 nature887 photo75951 plushie22305 ponies around the world287 race swap13075 scenery7417 time lapse30 timelapse17 volcano335


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Background Pony #5768
@Nightmare Fuel
oh, now this is gorgeous. i absolutely love images like these. i got a new tag to watch :D

Thank you! Hopefully I can get a few more of these up here someday. This is just a 1 sec. test render; the full 10 second timelapse goes all the way until sundown, but I'm saving it for the Equestria Into the Wild film.