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Due to Sir Thomas Zoey hasn't uploaded anything much in this site for the past several months (damn, why you?), I've decided to upload one of his works myself, some fun fact this pic above has been stayed up on my Favorites on dA for a long time, so, the hell why not?
ThomasZoey3000 :
After helping Sunset with some of the questions she had trouble with during their test, Twilight sees how upset Sunset is, so she decides to do the one thing she can think of… kiss her on the cheek. This of course gives Sunset a surprised look on her face, but still blushes at the same time.

Dang, I'm getting very close to having these two kiss on the lips, aren't I? Anyways, this moment is not from one of my fanworks, it's instead from the talented DeathScar on FimFiction, who wrote up the amazing story 'Rays of Sunlight'. The story is really good, and of course I will leave a link down below so in case you haven't read it yet, you can. Anyways, I love this ship between these two, and the more pictures I see, the more I love seeing them together. Of course, it's probably what's inspiring me to do my own comic story on them, which is due much later on in the year. This took me almost a week to draw, mostly due to being busy, cause otherwise it was simple and easy to draw, not to mention adorable.

If you wish to read the story that includes this scene, here's a link to find it:
Rays of Sunlight by Deathscar
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