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Patreon Reward for Spectral Bolt!

Yes, this is a patreon request :v

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safe1557041 artist:lunar froxy145 oc595137 oc only405041 oc:spectral bolt17 pegasus233027 pony828223 brazil318 brazilian meme1 bust39382 calculus43 chart833 chest fluff31610 cute173613 ear fluff22608 eye clipping through hair3975 fancy mathematics232 featured image779 female881291 floppy ears45977 fluffy12660 freckles24810 frown21369 geometry52 gradient background10605 graph139 looking at you140808 looking up13788 mare405149 math789 math lady meme31 meme77973 nerds in the comments2 number26 ocbetes4141 patreon12018 patreon reward1120 ponified meme598 raised eyebrow6106 sideways glance400 simple background338427 solo960429 text49937 thinking1657 weapons-grade cute3118 wide eyes16032


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Lunar Froxy
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Lunatic Frosty Foxy
Oh wow, I wasn't expecting this thing to be featured, thank you so much for this

Also, for the formula, it's not anything in particular more like I just take something from google to put into that so it looks more mathy :v
Spectral Bolt

Princess of Frecc
The score passed 1000, hurrah!

Hey, if you like cute fluffy ponies, check out more of Lunar Froxy's art! Seriously, you won't regret it. He's made lotsa art with my OC and he always does an impressive job.

Oh, and Speccy says thanks to everypony for the compliments!~ The frecklepone is still stuck on the math, though. She'll get it eventually.