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One of my first ever anthro pictures (>>1510521) remastered in stunning HD
5+ NSFW edits on Patreon
suggestive173371 artist:twistedscarlett601213 rainbow dash259741 pegasus408288 anthro316573 barefoot32614 beach19182 beach towel806 blushing239312 breasts344254 busty rainbow dash10017 chest fluff53553 cleavage fluff919 clothes560658 collarbone391 cutie mark52118 dialogue80542 ear fluff41817 explicit source4651 feet48764 female1606476 frilled swimsuit272 looking at you217816 on back29729 open mouth198397 polka dot swimsuit99 rainbutt dash5302 sexy38121 smiling332266 solo1271067 solo female207977 stupid sexy rainbow dash4185 sweat33755 swimsuit34794 text76310


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In this case, this is a redraw of one where she’s wearing a bikini. So this is basically a bikini.
But as we already got schrödinger's pantsu, why not schrödinger's swimsuit as well? I wonder if there’s more images like this that can have this tag.
Background Pony #9EEC
Rainbow, if you’ll let me suck your toes I promise they’ll be at least 20% cooler!