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safe1577101 artist:arifproject625 derpibooru exclusive24385 edit117816 vector edit2242 sunset shimmer57709 pony846916 unicorn266815 equestria daily1197 equestria girls180428 equestria girls series28499 holidays unwrapped1460 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11725 :33902 avengers: endgame163 caption19250 christmas12041 clint barton5 clothes409644 cookie3295 cute177787 don't give me hope2 female900555 food60945 hat76717 hawkeye85 holiday15808 image macro35735 mare416204 meme78679 news390 pony history183 rain5603 ronin (marvel)1 santa hat5467 scarf21134 shimmerbetes3978 simple background346155 sitting55077 sitting catface meme47 solo974174 text51193 transparent background179834 vector71252


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#1 Spikeabuse Fan
This special will have a scene where Rarity gets snow in her boots and freaks out about it, so she makes AJ give her hers and AJ has to walk around barefoot in the snow. When they get back to the cabin, Rarity will dunk her feet in a bucket of hot water and make AJ massage them, even though AJ’s feet are completely covered in ice.
Background Pony #AE86
@northern haste

It's never too early. Besides, the special is listed as September 22nd and that's only a little over a month away. Fans have speculated about stuff that is much much further (like when the movie was years away). There's also the possibility it gets unexpectedly released in another country besides Poland before then.
Background Pony #812D
Not sure if bringing this up will be a good idea, but does anybody get a feeling that The Dazzlings will appear in the holiday special with a bigger part or not? And how would their appearance work is the question