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safe1680286 artist:paskanaakka720 derpibooru exclusive27747 gilda9490 griffon26503 abstract background14136 apron4173 clothes450157 cookie3602 cute195875 daaaaaaaaaaaw3689 female1339555 food68453 gildadorable360 housewife233 mom gilda14 naked apron966 smiling241235 solo1046194 tray787


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Gilda, Gallus, and Camp!
@Phantom Rider

Me too. But Mom Gilda already existed in the form of "Rainbow Feather", a supposed daughter she had with her saviour Rainbow Dash.

I would pronounce the artist's name as "Pars-kah Naa-kah", letter-by-letter. The two k's in "Nakka" should be pronounced as a long k, something like "stark key". I based it on Finnish pronunciation, because I assumed that they are Finnish.

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Young Leosword
@nuclear brony
I’m half-certain the MLP magazine is a meaningless cash grab sold to kids manely in East Europe by some ancient second-party remnant of My Pretty Pony. Though, I may be confusing this publication with another of which the preceding description may be more accurate. :3
Gacha Pones

Gacha Pones
Umm, no dude. MILF = you're not just getting into a relationship with a her, you're getting into a relationship with her kids as well. If you ask me, MILF = RED FLAG.